Friday, 4:40pm
1 October 2010

Cumbrian collage

Russell Mills in Eye 5 and in Ambleside with Walton and Schwitters

‘Weathered surfaces and subtle textural effects, allusions to cycles of natural decay, sensitivity of touch and a self-evident display of the material properties of collaged or constructed elements – these are among the most characteristic features of the work of Russell Mills.’ (Eye 5).

‘Forward To Far’, the current Ambleside exhibition with work by Mills, Ian Walton and Kurt Schwitters, continues to the end of the month (see poster, below, and Beginning With Skin, above).


You can now read ‘Material and metaphor’, Marco Livingstone’s profile of Mills from Eye no. 5 in full on the Eye website (extract above). Here are some more examples of his work with Walton from ‘Forward To Far: Telescoping Time: From Schwitters To Now.’ Details and opening times on The List.


Above: Disjecta Membra.


Above: All Sides Endless.

You can also see more of Mills’s work as part of the group show ‘Sedition’ in Carlisle, and examples of his music design on There is also a recent video collaboration with Jan Bang on the samadhisound website.

Eye magazine is available from all good design bookshops and at the online Eye shop, where you can order subscriptions, single issues and back issues (though Eye 5 is sadly out of print). Student subscriptions are half price, see