Thursday, 6:04pm
22 July 2010

Flip fantasia

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Flipboard transforms your Tweets into an impromptu trade journal

People have been getting very excited about the free iPAd app Flipboard, which turns gobbets of social media into magazine-like pages: pictures and text.

See MagCulture’s ‘Flipboard vs Ready-Media’ (possibly today’s most popular Tweet). Flipboard is a system, an ingenious process, and a friend kindly sent us this collection of iPad screenshots, all based on recent Tweets from the implausably popular



There are plenty of random moments: bizarre layouts, oddly cropped pictures, inappropriate captions, bizarre typography and unintentional humour.

Much like conventional trade magazine publishing, but without the ads.



But we’re not complaining: it’s amazing that something like Flipboard exists at all. Before too long, people will figure out the art of making their Facebook entries and Tweets look good on Flipboard.

Maybe they already have.

Otherwise, there’s always Roger Black.


By the way, the radio illustration at the top (and below) comes from Andy Martin, interviewed by Adrian Shaughnessy on today’s ‘Graphic Design on the Radio’ on resonancefm.

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