Wednesday, 5:03pm
22 February 2012

Noted #31

Fun with ASCII, Malcolm X, media moans, Rock Paper Scissors & Sayer

Here are a few sites, pictures and articles that have caught our attention recently.

ASCII madness from self-described ‘non-annoying’ interface designer Nick Kwiatek.

Robert Newman’s classic Malcolm X cover for the Village Voice. Photo: Eve Arnold.

Everything that’s wrong with media today, via BrainPickings.


An alternative take on Rock Paper Scissors (top and above) from Christoph Niemann’s Abstract Sunday posts for the New York Times Magazine. Niemann will be speaking at Making Magazines 2012, an essential one-day conference at St Bride Library, London, on Friday 16 March.

Photographer Philip Sayer launches a new website (see Phil’s portrait of John McConnell, below, for the Reputations interview in Eye 81).

John McConnell

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