Friday, 10:06am
19 August 2011

Noted #7

Stolen logos, non-printed type and curing internet fears

More links to sites, articles and interviews that grabbedour attention this week.

Windows on the war
Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941–45 in this exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago (see below).

Don’t fear the internet
Basic Web tutorials for designers, from Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer.

London / CreativeMornings
CreativeMornings’ (brainchild of NYC designer Tina Roth Eisenberg) global reach increases with details for the next London event now available.

the resale right
Type on the move in this animation from Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet

Stolen logos
Logodesign love alerts designers to a website selling stolen logos. Check they’re not making money from a design you recognise.

Embroidered type
Embroidered lyrics by Maricor Marica (see top).

More next week: see also Noted on the bar to your right.


Above: Mark Aleksandrovich Abramov, Ukrainian, 1913-1994, At a Dead End, October 26, 1943, Ne boltai! Collection

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