Thursday, 8:54pm
8 March 2012

Organisation vs anarchy.

Thomas Couderc of Helmo on working with Big Blue

The cover of Eye 81 featured a detail from an illustration commissioned for IBM’s ‘Smarter Planet Outcomes’ campaign. The campaign was one of the case studies in Chris Maillard’s article ‘The far side’, a feature detailing relationships between clients and designers.


Via agency Ogilvy & Mather, IBM’s campaign drew on the talent of a number of designers including Non-Format, Noma Bar and Carl DeTorres.

Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez, the two-man team behind French studio Helmo, played on the advertisement’s headline – ‘the tools of collaboration vs the tools of distraction’ (above).

Says Couderc: ‘From this basic starting point we tried different associations of half circles, always in an abstract-diagram language, trying to express simple notions such as: simplicity vs complexity; continuity vs discontinuity; sharing vs individuality; organisation vs anarchy; harmony vs irregularity; 2D vs 3D; colour vs black and white.’


Above: image from ‘Communication vs distraction’ for IBM.

Credits: Creative director / art director: Chris Van Ossterhout; creative director / writer: Rob Jamieson; art producer: Leslie D’Acri / Elisabeth Lucas. Image: Helmo.

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