Monday, 3:55pm
19 July 2010

Pimp and primp

camilla grey
Visual culture

What goes under (and around) your iPad (and what it says about you)

Year on year, release on release, Apple is slowly persuading the world to make the ‘ultimate upgrade’, writes Camilla Grey. The brand that was once the darling of the new media intelligentsia is now prevalent across all social stratas and open to limitless personalisation and customisation.

Growing tired of bedazzling our iPods and pimping our iPhones, the launch of the iPad opened up a whole new world of accessories - the iPad holder! The very critique of the iPad (‘it’s just a big iPhone, you have to sit semi-horizontal to use’) because a raison d’etre for a new market in iPad support solutions. No matter if you believe in function over form, or form over function, there's an iPad holder for everyone.

Top: Wood
What it says about you: I’m looking for a holder that matches the sustainable wood flooring in my urban office shed (
Photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

odl-ipad clutch

Oscar de la Renta - The iPad Clutch
What it says about you: You have an iPad, you don’t really know how it works.


What it says about you: The Marvel Comic app literally changed your life

What it says about you: You're cool, yet practical. You also made £1.2m developing apps last year.

homemade ipad stand

What is says about you: You only buy Apple, but you buy it at Micro Anvika.
Concept/image: Ian Collins


What is says about you: You have already have the iPhone 4. Your old iPhone is dead to you.

ipad cozy

Pom-Pom iPad Cozy
What is says about you: Apple secretly wish people like you didn’t buy their products

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