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20 June 2010

Plucked out of thin air

the music department
Music design

Rose Stallard’s rock’n’roll illustrations for the Guardian’s Glastonbury special

Saturday’s Guardian commissioned rock’n’roll illustrator Rose Stallard to devise images for its Glastonbury special edition of The Guide (above).

Tee Front

Stallard also contributed a T-shirt (above and below).

Close up

The back (below) of the Guardian’s T-shirt is that well worn journalistic device, the hand-written list of ‘40 things we love about music’, some of which are represented in Stallard’s artwork. (See Alice Twemlow’s article about lists in Eye 47)

Back Tee Flat

Graphic design is mentioned by default, with ‘Flyposters’, ‘Band T-shirts’, ‘Guitar case stickers’, ‘Badges’ and “Music magazines’ (look out for Andrew Losowsky’s article about mags in the forthcoming Eye 76 music special). And at least ‘Listening to a good tune’ is in there at no. 19.

But some of these items look as if they were plucked out of thin air while the deadline loomed. We think that Eye readers would come up with more than 40 things they love about music before they got to ‘Music label parties’ (fun for journalists?) and ‘Hats and caps’.

Stallard’s images also include music staples such as drumsticks, guitar cases, an iPod and a plectrum. But it’s only rock’n’roll.

Glasto Plectrum

You can see more of Rose Stallard’s work online at Breed London, including her compilation of rock logos (below).

Rose Stallad’s rock logos

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