Thursday, 11:37am
3 December 2009

Pull out pages and panic

Adam Simpson’s poster for Eureka is a graphic call for climate change action

The third edition of Eureka, the monthly science magazine published with The Times, is out today and features a huge, four-page poster, writes Simon Esterson.

Drawn by Adam Simpson, the pull-out visualises climate conditions at four stages in the earth's life, ending with a pessimistic view of the future if we don't act now and change our habits.

Other features include a double-page spread of diagrams about renewable energy technologies (below).

Eureka infographic spread

Without trying to pretend that The Times just invented information graphics, it's great to see a commitment to new sections and an enthusiasm from editors and designers to use graphics to tell stories. The explosion of online information graphics (some wonderful, some just ‘info porn’) has contributed a new enthusiasm and aesthetic to their use in print.

Eureka editor: Antonia Senior. Times Design Editor: Jon Hill, Senior Designer: Matt Curtis with David Lowe and Matt Swift. Picture editor: Madelaine Penny.

Eureka cover

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