Thursday, 3:09pm
10 November 2011

Take a deep breath

Good for Nothing hits the St Brides delegates with a design challenge

In the spirit of the practice of ‘doing not talking’, Tom Farrand (below) from Good for Nothing finished his speaking slot at ‘Critical Tensions’ this morning with a live design challenge for the attendees and any designers beyond the conference, writes Dan Burgess.


There is a live visual identity and design brief now open for the Hackney Yoga Project (HYP). It’s an amazing pilot project aiming to develop a best practice model for working with yoga and the refugee and asylum-seeking community in Hackney, one of the most deprived areas in the UK.

Their mission is to improve the quality of life for these women through yoga practice, by creating a safe and respectful space and removing barriers to participation. The women HYP works with have been displaced from their homelands due to war and natural disaster and while they may not have much control in their lives right now, they are strong, funny, talented, intelligent women, who are determined to reclaim their independence.

The HYP is in desperate need of a visual identity and design help to bring their story and mission to life as they set out on a major fundraising push. The (updated) brief can be found here and if you’re interested in getting involved and doing some Good for Nothing please join this ning group for the next steps.


Will a critical proportion of the ‘Critical Tensions’ delegates (above) devise an identity for HYP before the conference ends tomorrow?

Tom Farrand will provide an update at today’s plenary session chaired by Emily King, now re-scheduled for 4.30pm.


Good for Nothing website,