Wednesday, 10:00am
4 November 2009

Timeless in Lisbon

Linda and Fabien show us their ‘Timeless’ snapshots from Experimenta

Linda Brothwell and Fabien Cappello were among the artists selected for the British Council's ‘Timeless’ exhibition at this year's Experimenta Festival in Lisbon, which comes to an end this Sunday (8 November).

A few weeks ago Anthony Burrill wrote about his project in ‘Act local, think stencil’ on the Eye blog.

Here, Linda and Fabien share their Experimenta snapshots with us:



Above and below: To carry out Linda’s work in the streets in Lisbon she used the workshop of the foundation Ricardo do Esprito Santos Silva to create inlays on the bench slats.



Above and below: Ines is the most amazing ceramicist on earth! Fabien worked in her studio in Odivelas every day.





The ‘Timeless’ exhibition is at the Musueu Do Oriente, where you can also find information about the locations of our pieces.


Linda Brothwell uses elements of traditional repair techniques to create traces that highlight the use of objects and the paths of people. In Lisbon she worked on damaged park and street benches in the city using the traditional Portuguese technique of wood inlay. This took the form of straightforward repair, using precious woods, and a more exaggerated intervention, inlaying cultural motifs and text into the wood.

Fabien Cappello created an inventory / map of the skills and knowledge of manufacturers and craftsmen in Odivelas, a suburban area of Lisbon.

Thanks to Eleanor Hutchins, Senior Press Officer, British Council

See ‘Act local, think stencil’ on the Eye blog, Anthony Burrill's piece about the ‘Timeless’ exhibition. The Experimenta Festival continues until 8 November 2009.

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