Tuesday, 9:00am
19 April 2011

Type Tuesday

Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes deep in the archives: Antique Olive

Roger Excoffon’s Antique Olive (1962-66) is a perfect example of a typeface that has suffered from its context. It is by no means a bad design – in fact, it is a brilliant piece of work – but it has become so over-used (and often badly) that it is ripe for rediscovery, wrote Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes in Eye 75.

Top: page from Fonderie Olive’s Antique Olive specimen.

In a deliberate reaction to the evenness of Univers and Haas Grotesk, Excoffon emphasised each letter’s unique character, demonstrating in the process how a cohesive and highly legible whole can be made up of unusual parts (‘a’ and ‘t’ are quite distinctive, but even the ‘O’ is strange – the type has a top-heavy feel). Gerard Unger once noted that Excoffon’s typefaces became a de facto corporate identity for twentieth-century France, and even though Air France recently retired his logo, his mark on the French visual environment is still highly visible.


Above: Antique Olive first specimen, front cover, 1960.

Below: Back page advertisement published in Caractère, no. 6-7, May-June 1968.


For new discoveries about Roger Excoffon’s typefaces for Fonderie Olive, see Sébastien Morlighem’s article ‘Mr Mistral’ in our latest type special Eye 79.

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Read ‘Deep in the Archives’ by Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes in Eye 75, Spring 2010.

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