Wednesday, 11:33am
3 March 2010

‘Unimaginably powerful, infinitely fragile.’

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Jason Epstein’s article about digitisation & the future of publishing

This article has been much quoted and Tweeted over the past couple of weeks, but if you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you get hold of a copy (print or online) and read it in full.

Guardian Review / NYRB (crop)

The article in question is ‘Publishing: The Revolutionary Future’, first published in The New York Review of Books. The printed version we read was a in supplement published with The Guardian Review (above) on 20 February. You can read the original NYRB version here, also with drop caps. And read it again – there’s plenty to think about in the way Epstein discusses ‘… the inevitability of digitization as an unimaginably powerful, but infinitely fragile, enhancement of the worldwide literacy on which we all … depend.’

Jason Epstein feature from NYRB (adjusted)