Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

Boho rap [extract]

365 Days

By Julie Doucet<br>Drawn and Quarterly, &pound;19.99<br>

French-Canadian Julie Doucet produced some of the most original indie comics of the 1990s. Her Dirty Plotte was a hilarious, warm, neurotic, dark, feminist, anti-feminist dispatch from the fringes of alt culture. You could almost smell the stale smoke on your clothes after Julie had one more encounter with a boho crusty . . .

. . . 365 Days ends up being a classic DIY per-zine (personal zine). It is way too long – an edited highlights version (100 Days) would have been just as entertaining – but it does underscore why this kind of visual storytelling can be so powerful. Doucet is superb at capturing her mixed feelings about being a (nearly) middle-aged indie kid, and is never tempted to make her story a bohemian rhapsody. That would have been a failure of nerve. Which is why she had to get both form and content right – and why this book will appeal to anybody who prefers P. J. Harvey to Amy Winehouse.