Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012


Books received

Thirty-one books in brief

The Art Of Looking Sideways

Alan Fletcher

Phaidon, £24.95

Space, type, image, colour and lateral thinking from the legendary designer.

Big Book of Design Ideas / Big Book of Corporate Identity Design

David E Carter

HBI, £30/£32.50

A cumbersome pair of reference books, crammed with logos, brands and systems.

Books and Pages

Piotr Rypson

Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw,

Polish book design, including new design from the postwar \'Exhibitions of the Independents\', conceptual work from the 1960s and 70s and recent experiments.

Brazil Incarnate

Christopher Pillitz

Network Photographers, £29.95

A study of the body in Brazilian culture through luscious black and white photos, plus interviews on Eros and exhibitionism.

Eyes Only

John Holden and Sadie Plant

Ümran Projects, £30

Designer Chris Ashworth combines photography, video stills and graphics with Plant?s text, attempting to create a visual narrative communicating the bizarre emotions preceding UFO encounters.

The Education of an Illustrator

Edited by Steven Heller and Marshall Arisman

Allworth Press, £13.95

A collection of essays, interviews and a \'syllabi sampler\' with contributions from Véronique Vienne, Dugald Stermer, Teal Triggs, Brad Holland and Milton Glaser.

Experimental Formats

Ed. Roger Fawcett-Tang

Rotovision, £22.50

Showcase of unusual book and catalogue design in an experimental, doubled-back format of its own. Essays by John O\'Reilly.

Fresh Dialogue 1:

New Voices in Graphic Design

Blechman, Niemann & Sahre

Princeton Architectural Press, £18.95

The book of the AIGA lecture.

For a Better World:

Posters from the United Nations

Edward B Marks

Pomegranate, £19.99

Archive from the early League of Nations posters to the modern day, including work by Rockwell, Marx and Rauschenberg.

Gabor Palotai Graphic Designer:

Maximizing the Audience

GPP/Gabor Palotai Publisher, SEK 865

The Grammar of Ornament

Owen Jones

Dorling Kindersley, £9.99

A reprint of the manifesto originally published in 1856: a source of inspiration to many from Lloyd Wright to GTF.

Graphic Design & Reading:

Explorations of Uneasy Relationship

Edited by Gunnar Swanson

Allworth Press, £13.95

A collection of essays from the likes of Elliman, Heller and Drenttel.

To be reviewed in a future issue.

Graphis Design Annual 2001

B Martin Pederson

HBI, £55

Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface

Edited by Lars Muller

Lars Muller Publishing, £17

The life and crimes of Helvetica.

Icons of Graphic Design

Steve Heller & Mirco Ilic

Thames & Hudson, £24.95

Each year of the past century is marked by an iconic piece of design, accompanied by antecedents and future reverberations. To be reviewed in a future issue.

Impossible Worlds

Edited by Stephen Coates & Alex Stetter

August / Birkhaüser, £38

Visual and verbal essays, including work by Zaha Hadid, Buckminster Fuller, David Spero?s resort photographs and Takehiko Nagakura?s Unbuilt Monuments.

Jerome Robbins: That Broadway Man, That Ballet Man

Ed. Christine Conrad

Booth-Clibborn Editions, £35

Absorbing account of the life of the

West Side Story director / choreographer, gracefully art directed by J. Abbott Miller


Edited by Graham Gussin & Ele Carpenter

August & Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, £14.95

An elegant assembly of texts and concepts with all the usual suspects: Ballard, Cage, Carroll, Keiller, Ruscha, Warhol, Weiner.

Street Graphics Cuba

Barry Dawson

Thames & Hudson, £12.95

A collection of 1950s Cuban design, signage, advertising and iconography, including the original Korda portrait of Che Guevara (see Critique, page 8).

On the Surface

Peter Maybury & Marie-Pierre Richard

Temple Bar Properties, £6

Visual essay published with a series of experimental slide projections in Dublin.

Pen and Mouse: Commercial Art and Digital Illustration

Edited by Angus Hyland

Laurence King, £19.95

Stefan Sagmeister: Made You Look

Edited by Peter Hall

Booth-Clibborn Editions, £38

Readable and funny graphic portfolio.

To be reviewed in a future issue.

Webworks: Navigation

Ken Coupland

Rotovision, £27.50

The best of navigation interface design comprising work from leading agencies.

Zero: Hans Schleger: A life of design

Ed. Pat Schleger

Lund Humphries, £30

To be reviewed in a future issue.


Big Book of Typographics

Roger Walton

HBI, £30

Digital Type

compiled by Clifford Stolze Design

Rockport, £16.99

Letter Perfect: The Art of Modernist Typography 1896-1953

David Ryan

Pomegranate, £20

A partial but rich, colourful compilation

- from Morris to Duchamp - from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts collection.

Revival of the Fittest: Digital Versions of Classic Typefaces

Ed. Philip B. Meggs & Roy McKelvey

RotoVision, £25

Type Graphics

Margaret Richardson

Rotovision, £29.99

Type Style Mixer

Wiebke Holjes

Laurence King, £12.99

A curious little book of type specimens with pages split into three sections.

Typography 21

Annual of the Type Directors Club

HBI, £40

\'Award-winning\' international typography. Designed by Attik.

First published in Eye no. 40 vol. 10, 2001