Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

Books received

Children’s Book Covers
By Alan Powers
Mitchell Beazley £20

Designers in Handcuffs
By Pat Matson Knapp
How Design Books, £19.99

Fashion Icon: Selling Fashion with Graphic Design
By Mike Toth
Rockport, £34.99

Grids for the Dynamic Image
By Tanju Diezmann and Tobias Gremmler
AVA Academia, £27.50

Inside Design Now: A catalogue of The National Design Triennial Exhibition at the Cooper-Hewitt
By Ellen Lupton, Donald Albrecht, Susan Yelavich and Mitchell Owens
Princeton Architectural Press, .95
A selection from the work of 80 designers featured in the exhibition, including typefaces by Jonathan Hoefler, magazine design by J. Abbott Miller, an interative music project masterminded by MIT Media Lab’s Tod Machover and plenty of ‘cool stuff’.

Krazy & Ignatz 1929-1930
By George Herriman
Fantagraphics, .95

Norman McLaren: Collector’s Edition
National Film Board of Canada
bfi Video, £54.99
Two DVDs in a special package. One comprises fourteen remastered films by McLaren, including
Boogie-Doodle (1940), Neighbours (1952) and A Chairy Tale (1957, soundtracked by Ravi Shankar). The other DVD contains the carefully assembled biographical documentary Creative Process / Le Génie créateur, plus two accompanying books (one in French, the other in English) of detailed notes compiled and edited by director Donald McWilliams.

Marc Newson
By Conway Lloyd Morgan
Thames and Hudson, £15.95
Small-format monograph of this product designer.

On Screen In Time: Transitions in motion graphic design
By Melanie Goux and James A. Houff
RotoVision, £29.99
Features the work of sixteen motion graphic designers.

Quimby The Mouse
By Chris Ware
Fantagraphics, .95hb, .95pb

Real Spaces: World Art History and the rise of Western Modernism
By David Summers
Phaidon, £49.95
A new theory of Art, using concepts of ‘Virtual’ and ‘Real space’ as a primary distinction.

Retail Desire: Design, Display and Visual Merchandising
By Jonathan Tucker
Rotovision, £27.50

Signs: lettering in the environment
By Phil Baines & Catherine Dixon
Laurence King, £25
To be reviewed in a future issue.

Strangely familiar: Design and Everyday Life
Edited by Andrew Blauvelt. Essays by Aaron Betsky, Jonathan Bell and Jamer Hunt.
Walker Art Center, .95
A catalogue of the eccentric exhibition.

The Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read them Today.
By Martin Raymond and Christopher Sanderson
FT/Prentice Hall, £22.99

Type for the Internet and other digital Media
By Veruschka Gotz
AVA, .95

What Is Web Design?
By Nico Macdonald
Rotovision, £19.99
To be reviewed in a future issue.

By Misha de Ridder
Artimo, €35
A large-scale, wordless book of atmospheric woodland photography.

XXX: The Power Of Sex in Contemporary Graphic Design
By Joshua Berger. Designed by Plazm.
Rockport, £34.99
A rubber-bound selection of graphic design. To be reviewed in a future issue