Spring 2023

Jump cuts: Dirk Koy

Bildraum (2022)

Motion graphics: Dirk Koy. Sound: Ben Kaczor.

Intersect (2021)

Motion graphics: Dirk Koy.

Shape Studies (2019-23)

Motion graphics: Dirk Koy.

Designer Dirk Koy received his first video camera (a Sony Video8) at fourteen and took it everywhere, regarding the camera as ‘a kind of pencil’. He recalls a special moment in his youth when he connected the camcorder to the TV to create analogue feedback. ‘I spent days in front of the TV to figure out how I can create different feedbacks by manipulating the parameters. It was a kind of experiment between control and coincidence, which is still an important part [of] the process in my work today. ’ …

Shape Studies (2019-23). In this series, photographs and videos of objects and living beings are manipulated in what Koy calls ‘a dialogue between real objects and their digitisation’. The blue car (Shape Study 30) is Koy’s own 1982 Chevrolet Citation.
Top. Shape Study 6 (also the cover of this issue of Eye) is Sina, his family cat, who sadly died in 2022. ‘Her life goes on digitally, and now also in print,’ says Koy.

Koy made Bildraum (2022) for the ground-breaking opening ceremony for the new Kunsthaus Baselland, a contemporary art gallery in Basel. It featured sound by Ben Kaczor.

John L. Walters, editor of Eye, London

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