Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

New books


Design by Feed: Anouk Pennel and Raphaël Daudelin. Les Editions de la Pastèque,

Comic book / recipe book from Montréal.

Basics Design: Format

Basics Design: Layout

By Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris

Ava, £12.95 each

Beyond no. 1: Black Day To Freedom

Ed. by Prof. Glenn Hardaker and Rob Chiu. Design: Rob Chiu at The Ronin

Brand Environmental Design

Comp. by Marike Van Rijn. BIS, €45

Portfolio / manifesto, 1985-2004, for

QuA Associates from Amsterdam.

Business Cards:

The Art of Saying Hello

By Michael S. Dorrian, Liz Farrelly

Laurence King, £19.95, €32

Cover to un.cover

By Giene Steenman

010 Publishers, €29.50

Clothes, culture and the body.

Creative Type: A Sourcebook of Classic and Contemporary Letterforms

By Cees W. de Jong, Alston W. Purvis, Friedrich Friedl. Thames & Hudson, £29.95

The R. Crumb Handbook

By R. Crumb and Peter Poplaski

MQ Publications, £16.99

Includes a CD with a selection of recordings from Crumb’s ‘half-assed’ musical career.

DesignArt: on art’s romance with design

Alex Coles. Tate £18.99, .95

Drawing the Line:

The Comics Journal Library Vol. 4

Ralph Steadman, Jules Feiffer, Edward Sorel and David Levine. Fantagraphics

Emigre no. 68: American Mutt Barks in the Yard

By David Barringer. Emigre / Princeton Architectural Press

Energetic self-taught designer and aspiring novelist Barringer sends a 35,000 word message to Rudy.

Euro Deco

By Steven Heller & Louise Fili. Thames & Hudson, £22.50

Flying Lightness: Promises for structural elegance

By Adriaan Beukers, Ed van Hinte Design Erik Wong, Eva Heisterkamp 010 Publishers, €24.50

From the makers of Lightness.

Fred The Clown. By Roger Langridge. Fantagraphics


Introduction by John Robinson

Thames & Hudson, £28

A portfolio of recent work by the designers formerly known as Graphic Havoc. Essay by Helen Walters.

Head, Heart & Hips: The seductive world of Big Active

Editor and Design Director Gerard Saint. Die Gestalten Verlag, £27.99

It’s a matter of Editorial Design

Edited by Viction:workshop. Art direction by Victor Cheung

Amatterofdesign, £25,


By Hermann Hülsenberg, Peter Stenkhoff, Eva Wendel. Neue Gestaltung Verlag, €16

Moscow Style

By Mark Sutcliffe. Thames & Hudson, £28

Penguin by Design

By Phil Baines. Allen Lane, £16.99

Subtitled ‘A Cover Story 1935’, this is an erudite and lovingly assembled critique of the publisher’s design heritage, packed with colour photos of the covers.

Pentothal Postcards

by David C. Lai, MD. Mark Batty Publisher, .95

Promotional postcards from faraway places . . . in the name of anaesthesia.

Raymond Savignac

Editions Pyramid, Design & Designer series. Preface Marc H. Choko, €13

Pocket-sized overview of the designer’s career. Text in English and French

Recollected Work: Mevis & Van Deursen

Essay by Paul Ellliman. Artimo, €40

Re-Magazine no. 12: Hester

Edited by Jop van Bennekom and Arnoud Helleman. Artimo, €9

Hester is a 37-year-old, London-based writer who ‘faces rejection daily’.

This is Not an Atlas

By Nick Foster and Warren Hutchinson. Mark Batty Publisher

A curious collection of signage from around the world, as in ‘Bag World’, ‘Denture World’ and even ‘Kebab World’.


By Dave Cooper


Bizarre coffee table book subtitled ‘Additional observations on the beauty / ugliness of mostly pillowy girls’.


Influencing design & typography

Edited by John D. Berry. Mark Batty Publisher,

To be reviewed in a future issue.

We Want You To Love Type

By Johanna Balusikova & Alan Zaruba. Typotheque, €16

Typotheque’s first book examines some Czech and Slovak type design projects.