Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

New books

Black & White

By Patrick Thomas,

Studio laVista. £9.99, €15

Illustration portfolio by British-born, Barcelona-based artist / illustrator

Book Typography

By Ari Rafaeli

Oak Knoll Press / British Library, £25

To be reviewed in a future issue.

Helmut Krone. The book. Graphic Design and Art Direction (concept, form and meaning) after advertising’s Creative Revolution

By Clive Challis. The Cambrige Enchorial Press. £44.95

The man who helped define modern art direction and graphic design. See David Crowley’s Agenda.

Form Follows Idea:

an Introduction to Design Poetics

By Maxine Naylor and Ralph Ball

Black Dog Publishing. £16.95

Furniture designers question the orthodoxy and protocols of design practice.

George W. Jones: Printer Laureate

By Lawrence Wallis

The Plough Press. £35, €64.50

México, D.F. ciudad / ville

Toluca Éditions. €58

Car accidents, wild dogs, naked women and morgues in this portrait of a city.

Recollected Work 1990-2005

By Mevis & van Deursen, Artimo. €40

To be reviewed in a future issue.