Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

New books


100 Posters. 134 Squirrels

By Jay Ryan. Punk Planet Books / Akashic Books, USD 21

At the Edge of Art

By Jon Ippolito and Joline Blais. Thames & Hudson, £19.95

Cutting-edge art at digital media’s brave new frontier.

Avati: The Paperback art of James Avati

By Piet Schreuders & Kenneth Fulton

010 Publishers, €29.50

Raunchy but carefully crafted pulp imagery from the artist whose 40-year career began during the paperback revolution of the 1950s. Was Avati the ultimate anti-Rockwell?

Bad Girls: Film Fatales, Sirens & Molls

By Tony Turtu. Collectors Press, £22.50

Becoming Animal: contemporary art in the animal kingdom


Sumptuous but distinctly weird take on animal kingdom.

Beyond Graphic Design.

By Maestro

Self-published portfolio by Amsterdam-based design and advertising agency.

Character design collection

Pie Books, £26

Japanese collection of characters and symbol marks from companies, organisations, products and events.

Chip Kidd: Work: 1986-2006. Book one

Rizzoli, USD 39.95

Weighty collection of Kidd’s work, including his acclaimed book covers and personal projects, complete with detailed, witty captions.

To be reviewed in a future issue.

Color Design Workbook

By AdamsMorioka and Terry Stone. Rockport, £27.50

Concrete to Canvas: Skateboarders’ Art

By Jo Waterhouse and David Penhallow. Laurence King Publishing, £12.95

Device Fonts: Ten Year Itch

By Rian Hughes, limited edition

Witty and generous, the complete Device Fonts collection, 1995-2005. ‘More is better. Keep it coming,’ writes Erik Spiekermann, and who can argue with that?

Dirty Blonde at the Cash Machine

By Ray Hollingsworth.

Photography by Stuart Nicholls.

Kiss Production, £9.95

Monochrome graphic poetry from British poet / designer Hollingsworth, previously featured in Wig-01’s Graphic Poetry (reviewed in Eye no. 57 vol. 15).

The Doodle Book 2: draw! colour! create!

By Taro Gomim. Thames & Hudson, £9.95

Unfinished doodles; English version of a popular Japanese title.

Drip-dry shirts: the evolution of the graphic designer

Designed and written by Lucienne Roberts. AVA Academia, £24.95

A highly personal collection of stories and impressions of graphic design practice and history, generously illustrated, including interviews with Margaret Calvert, Wim Crouwel, Ken Garland and Milton Glaser.

Duran Duran Unseen . . . Paul Edmond – Photographs 1979-82

Written and designed by Kasper de Graaf / Malcolm Garrett. Reynolds and Hearn. £14.99

Paul Edmonds, brother of Swans Way’s Maggie, was part of the Birmingham club scene that spawned musicians, posers, clothes designers and milliners.

The Education of an art director

By Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne. Allworth Press, USD 19.95


By Harriet Russell. Foreword by Lynne Truss. Random House, USD 16.95

Quirky and charming exercise in illustrative ‘mail art’.

Experimental Eco -> Design

Architecture / Fashion / Product

By Cara Brower, Rachel Mallory and Zachary Ohlman. RotoVision, £30

Self-styled ‘hip’ design that is also sustainable.

Exploitation Poster Art

Eds. Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh. Aurum Press, £18.99

Exploring Visual Culture

Definitions, Concepts, Contexts

Ed. Matthew Rampley. Edinburgh University Press, £16.99 published June 2005

A introduction for visual arts students on key ideas and debates in design, fashion, architecture etc.

Feeling Berlin

By Sven Zimmermann, Prestel, £8.99

Record of transitory illegal street art in the German capital.


Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris. AVA Basics Design, £14.95

Financial + Social + Environmental + Personal = Sustainable: An introductory guide to sustainability for designers

By Rupert Bassett and Lunne Elvins., £42.50, USD65

An ambitious, colour-coded, fold-out ‘Image Map’, designed to help designers interrogate the sustainability of their work.

Forms in Modernism: A Visual Set

By Virginia Smith. Watson-Guptill, £14.99

To be reviewed in a future issue.

The Fundamentals of Illustration

By Lawrence Zeegan. AVA, £19.95

How to generate ideas, interpret briefs and promote oneself.


By Fañch Le Henaff. Editions Cloître, €28

Book featuring the work of the Breton graphic designer.

Graffiti Brasil

By Tristan Manco, Lost Art & Caleb Neelon. Thames & Hudson, £9.95

Handwritten: Expressive lettering in the digital age

By Steven Heller and Miko Ilic. Thames & Hudson, £17.95

Paperback edition of the 2004 publication, which claimed that ‘the hand is mightier than the pixel.’

How to draw and sell Comic Strips

By Alan McKenzie. Third Edition, Titan Books, £12.99

New edition of best-selling classic.

Inspired: How creative people think, work and find inspiration

By Dorte Nielsen and Kiki Hartmann. BIS Publishers, €39

Big cheeses explain how their methods.

Katalogue Volume One

New Art. 43 Contributors. Katalogue, £19.99

Intriguing compendium of art, graphics and photography from around the world curated by art director Wilhelm Finger.

Lightness: The inevitable renaissance of minimum energy structures

Adriaan Beukers and Ed van Hinte. 010 Publishers, €24.50

Fourth edition about lightness in its material and immaterial forms in industrial design, architecture, engineering, sports and vehicle technology.

Made in the UK: The Music of Attitude, 1977-1983

By Janette Beckman. Powerhouse Books, £21.99

She was there; she took the pictures.

Metropolitan World Atlas

By Arjen van Susteren. Book and map design by Joost Grootens

010 Publishers, €34.50

A Meeting on Paper

By Laurence Aëgerter. Meetings with NEROC’VGM

Sixth book in a series commissioned by Amsterdam-based marketing company. Comes with a DVD / CD-Rom.

Neo Japanese Graphics

Pie Books, £60

Hardback compendium of ‘Japanese-style graphics from a Japanese publisher. Captions in Japanese and English.

New Design Cities / Nouvelles Villes De Design

Ed. Marie-Josée Lacroix with Laetitia Wolff and Josyane Franc. Infopress / Pyramid, €29,

The Philosophy, Art, and Science of Ambigrams

By John Langdon. Transworld, £12.99

Ambigrams and symbols by the man after whom Dan Brown named his Da Vinci Code protagonist.

New Photographers 2006

Curated by Getty Images

Showcase for ‘the new people behind next year’s ads,’ claim Getty.

Playing Cards

By Buzz Poole. Mark Batty, Publisher, .95

Curious collection of card backs.

Poster Collection 12. Catherine Zask

Lars Müller Publishers, €19.50

Work by the French designer.

Prints Now: Directions and definitions

By Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles

V&A Publications, £30

Sales Strategy and Design

Pie Books, £61

Shaping Things

By Bruce Sterling. Design: Lorraine Wild and Stuart Smith of Green Dragon Office. Mediawork Pamphlet Series. The MIT Press, .95

To be reviewed in a future issue.

The Signs of our Times

By John Tylee. Clear Channel, £50

Campaign associate editor Tylee presents a packed array of outdoor advertising, from Toulouse-Lautrec to electronic billboards.

Swiss Graphic Design: The Origins and Growth of an International Style 1920-1965

By Richard Hollis. Laurence King Publishing, £35

To be reviewed in a future issue. See this issue’s Reputations, pp.26-35.

Type in Motion 2

Matt Woolman, Thames & Hudson, £24.95

Six years on from book one, overview of animated digital typography and motion graphics.

Video Game Art

By Nic Kelman. Assouline, £19.95

Eye-popping collection of cyber-flesh and fantasy: skateboarders, aliens, superheroes and pixelleens.

We All Die Alone

By Mark Newgarden

Ed. Dan Nadel / Picturebox.

Design: Helene Silverman. Fantagraphic Books, USD29.95

Collection of work by acclaimed cartoonist and Garbage Pail Kids co-creator.

Web affairs

By Show-n-tell. Eighteen publications,

Pixellated porn – artist’s documentation of an adult video Web community.

What’s so great about SE8

Published by Creative Lewisham Agency

Directory of creatives in Deptford, in a boosting exercise for the area.

Woody Guthrie Art Works

By Steven Brower and Nora Guthrie. With contributions from Billy Bragg and Jeff Tweedy. Rizzoli, USD45

Pages from the great musician’s journals and sketchbooks. To be reviewed in a future issue.

Worldwide identity

Robert L. Peters. Rockport, £29.99

Logos, identities etc from 40 countries.