Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

New books

The Best of Brochure Design 9

Design: Jason Godfrey.

Rockport, £29.99

The Best of Newspaper Design 27

By the Society for News Design. Rockport, £34.99

Full-colour layouts chosen from more than 400 publications in 46 countries in the Society’s 2005 competition.

Body Type: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh

By Ina Saltz.

Abrams Image, £10.95

An entire book devoted to typographic tattoos, ranging from the bare-knuckle Love / Hate in different faces; through individual characters, such as a Times New Roman semi-colon imprinted above a writer’s bellybutton; to quotations from Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Wittgenstein (in Helvetica Neue Bold Condensed), James Joyce and Peter Pan.

The prize for designerly dedication must go to the art director who devoted a forearm to a proportional diagram depicting a nineteenth-century precursor of Clarendon. The author, while admitting to a fondness for Requiem and Franklin Gothic No 2, has not had herself tattooed.

Breaking into Graphic Design:

Tips from the Pros on Finding the Right Position for You

By Michael Jefferson.

Allworth Press, £12.99

The subtitle says it all.

Cartoon America: Comic Art in the Library of Congress

Edited by Harry Katz.

Abrams, £29.95

A generously illustrated ‘who’s who’ of American cartoonists over the past 250 years, with accompanying essays by Martha Kennedy, Edward Sorel, John Updike, Bill Griffith, Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Mike Peters and others.

CBGB: Decades of Graffiti

Written and designed by Christopher

D. Salyers. Photographs: John Putnam.

Mark Batty, Publisher, USD 11.99

Layers of graffiti 30 years thick from the recently defunct club that once defined New York’s punk scene, with text typeset in Underwood Portable and Trixie.

Color Management for Logos:

A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers

By John Drew and Sarah Meyer.

RotoVision, £35

With more than 1000 examples, case studies and guidelines for legibility, impact, emotional responses, as well as pre-press requirements and other technical considerations.

Designing Interactions

By Bill Moggridge.

MIT Press, £25.95

Interviews with 43 designers who have shaped our interaction with digital technology, including the creator of The Sims, the founders of Google and some of the people behind the PalmPilot, by the Englishman who set up Ideo and helped design the first laptop computer. An accompanying CD gives extracts from the interviews and examples of the interactions discussed.

Dr Clock’s Handbook

Edited by Mel Gooding and Julian Rothenstein. Introduced by Andrey Kurkov.

Redstone Press, £19.95

Absurdities by Ed Ruscha, Adam Dant, Kafka, Cornelia Parker et al, lovingly assembled in the Redstone manner.

The Education of a Photographer

Edited by Charles H. Traub, Steven Heller and Adam B. Bell.

Allworth Press, £19.95

Insights from influential photographers, teachers and thinkers.

Graffiti Woman: Graffiti and Street Art from Five Continents

By Nicholas Ganz.

Thames & Hudson, £29.95

Walls, trains and street furniture reworked by 125 artists. Interesting.

Holga: The World Through a Plastic Lens

Edited by Adam Scott and 9T.

The Lomographic Society, £13.35

Fans of the Holga, a low-tech camera developed in Hong Kong in the 1980s, contributed more than 500 photographs, with tips and tricks to enhance images.

An Illustrated A to Z of Digital Photography People and Portraits

By Nigel Atherton and Steve Crabb. AVA Publishing, £22.50

A how-to guide ‘from the team behind What Digital Camera’.

Jet Lag 1: Alessandro Gottardo Faces

Concept, art direction and design: Franco Cervi. Text: Ferruccio Giromini. Drawings: Alessandro Gottardo.

27_9, €32

An adult board book with 48 portraits of people talking to themselves in airports, representing the collaboration between the illustrator, a Milanese graphic designer and a Genoese ‘polygraphist’. Text in English, with separate Italian translation.

Josef Müller-Brockmann

By Kerry William Purcell.

Phaidon, £45, €75

The long-awaited, comprehensive study of the hugely influential Swiss graphic designer, written by design historian (and regular Eye contributor) Purcell. To be reviewed in a future issue.

LogoLounge 3: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers

By Bill Gardner and Catherine Fishel.

Rockport, £32.50

Mag-Art: Innovation in Magazine Design

By Charlotte Rivers.

RotoVision, £20

A visual showcase of international titles, from Amelia’s Magazine to Zembla.

Matchday Football Programmes:

Post-war to Premiership

Compiled by Bob Stanley and Paul Kelly. Fuel, £29.95

This book is a collection of more than 400 official match-day programmes from the golden age of British football, including the 1966 World Cup Final. Another neat publishing idea from Fuel (see pp.78-79).

Monografías: Information Design for the Mexican Schoolroom

Pentagram Papers 34

By Armin Vit.

Pentagram Design, given to clients.

A pamphlet describing the illustrated information sheets that are apparently still ubiquitous in Mexican education.

Music Graphics

Edited by Akiko Yamamato and Ami Miyazaki.

Pie Books, £28

Showcase of CD covers, posters, T-shirts and other promotional materials designed in Japan, in Japanese only.

Only Revolutions

By Mark Z. Danielewski.

Doubleday, £20

An American road novel, told by one of two teenage protagonists (depending on which way up you hold it), by the author of House of Leaves.

Paul Schuitema: Visual Organizer

By Dick Maan. Design: Huug Schipper. 010 Publishers, Rotterdam, €39.50

Also available in Dutch and German.

‘Right ahead’ was how Paul Schuitema (1897-1973) described his style. You can read what he meant by that in this first, lavishly illustrated monograph on the Dutch graphic designer, photographer, furniture maker and film-maker. To be reviewed in a future issue.

Pet Shop Boys: Catalogue

By Philip Hoare and Chris Heath. Thames & Hudson, £29.95

How Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s influence reached well beyond pop into art, film, theatre and fashion, thanks to collaborations with famous people such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Zaha Hadid, Derek Jarman and Sam Taylor-Wood.

Pick Me Up: Stuff You Need to Know

By David Roberts and Jeremy Leslie. Dorling Kindersley, £19.99

‘Nature. History. Science. Whatever.’ A children’s encyclopedia designed to be played like a computer game, with an eclectic mix of fonts and styles.

Pictograms, Icons & Signs: A Guide to Information Graphics

By Rayan Abdullah and Roger Hübner. Thames & Hudson, £16.95

A semiotics-based guide to nonverbal communication with more than 2000 examples from around the world, including a few that clearly illustrate how not to do it.

Pride of Baghdad

Words: Brian K. Vaughan. Art: Niko Henrichon. Lettering: Todd Klein.

DC Comics, USD 19.99, £12.99

A graphic novel inspired by the escape of four lions from Baghdad Zoo during an American bombing raid in 2003.

Print & Finish

Design and text: Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris.

AVA Publishing, distributed by Thames & Hudson, £14.95

The final volume in the Basic Design series offers an invitation to explore print /production processes and finishing techniques. The book’s own use of different paper stocks and finishes for

each sixteen-page section illustrates some of the pitfalls inherent in such experimentation.


By yeastCulture. Design: Jonas Fridén., free.

Stills and photographs from projects by Yeast, the creative agency set up in 1999 by Nick Hillel and Marc Silver.

Rough Trade

By Rob Young.

Black Dog Publishing, £19.95

The second in the ‘Labels Unlimited’ series looks at London-based ‘post-punk’ music label, famed for The Slits and The Smiths.

Sans Serif: The Ultimate Sourcebook of Classic and Contemporary Sans Serif Typography

By Cees W. De Jong.

Thames & Hudson, £29.95

The Quay Brothers: The Short Films 1979-2003

BFI, £24.99

A two-disc DVD set with thirteen remastered shorts by the twin animators from Philadelphia, including a booklet with the original treatment for their best known film, Street of Crocodiles (1986).


By Gilbert Hernandez.

Lettering: Jared K. Fletcher.

Titan Books, £15.99

Graphic novel ‘for mature readers’ about falling lemons, coming of age and out of a coma, love and murder, and the darkness on the edge of suburbia.

La Tour de Trois Cents Mètres

By Gustave Eiffel.

Text: Bertrant Lemoine.

Taschen, £69.99

An extremely large-format reproduction of Eiffel’s famous tower, with working plans, photographs and octolingual introduction and notes.

Tin Tabernacles and Other Buildings

By Alasdair Ogilvie.

Pentagram Papers no. 35.

Pentagram Design, given to clients.

A slim collection of photographs of British corrugated iron buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, most intended as short-term churches for short-lived mining communities.

27*9 Design Code

Concept, art direction and design: Franco Cervi.

Words: Virginio Briatore, John Angelo Benson and Porzia Bergamasco.

27_9, €42

Samples from a decade’s work by a young Milanese graphic designer. Text in English and Italian.

200 Trips from the Counterculture: Graphics and Stories from the Underground Press Syndicate

By Jean-François Bizot.

Thames & Hudson, £19.95

The founder of the French magazine Actuel celebrates some of the seminal publications of the late 1960s.


By Steven Poole. Little, Brown, £9.99

A howl of protest at ‘a mode of speech that persuades by stealth’: ‘climate change’, ‘war on terror’, ‘ethnic cleansing’, etc.

UtopiA: Chronicles 1992-2005

By Pavel Makov. [email protected]

Images from the Ukrainian artist’s ongoing UtopiA project.

What Is Product Design?

By Laura Slack. RotoVision, £25

A personal selection of products intended to illustrate physical and intellectual issues in product design.