Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

Take it to the bridge

Supersonic: Visuals for Music

Die Gestalten Verlag, Ed. <br>Robert Klanten &amp; Hendrik Hellige<br>€44, &pound;32.50, <br>

The starting point for all communication, from advertising to emails, is the question ‘Why does this matter?’. Over 336 gorgeously filled pages Supersonic: Visuals for Music showcases some fabulous examples of cover and poster art, and useful Q&As of contributors from Voodoo Rhythm Records, Big Active, Emek, Stylorouge and Gomma Records. What Supersonic doesn’t do is provide any definitive context or insight into the direction of music design. It isn’t categorised by musical style or content, and there are no descriptive captions. There isn’t a general introduction. Like many design books, it’s the analogue equivalent of Adobe Bridge. There is outstanding thought-provoking work in here by Martin Kvamme, Yokoland, Kim Hiorthøy among others. What it means or why this work matters now, dear reader, is up to you.