Thursday, 4:13pm
28 June 2012

The Ed and Geoff show

Two Lines Align


Two Lines Align is the catalogue for the exhibition of that name curated by Michael Worthington for REDCAT in LA. The ‘lines’ are the careers of Geoff McFetridge and Ed Fella, both of whose prolific output illuminates and resolves some current rifts: personal vs. client work; commerciality vs. cult appeal; pre-computer vs. post-computer. ‘Exit-level designer’ Fella says he prefers ‘the term commercial art because there’s something honest about it . . . with graphic design you always get into the business of “is it art, is it not art?”’ McFetridge explains that he only sends personal work to potential clients, ‘I never showed them anything commercial . . . it’s actually a relief for them to know what they’re going to get.’

Essays by Jamer Hunt (who compares them to genuine ‘Pop Stars’ such as Prince) and Worthington put their stories in perspective, and there’s a generous selection of work.