Tuesday, 12:00am
1 January 1980

Contents Eye 64

2. Editorial

By John L. Walters

3. Typography special

10. Profile – Andrea Tinnes

Typeface / interface. Andrea Tinnes makes type families – functional or ornamental – that quickly acquire a life of their own. By Jan Middendorp.

18. Interview – Decodeunicode

The United Nations of type. Look beyond the confines of the Latin alphabet, urges Johannes Bergerhausen of Decodeunicode. Interview by John L. Walters

22. Profile – Rosalie Gascoigne

Set the letters free. How an Australian artist turned discarded packaging type into ‘stammering concrete poetry’. By Jason Grant

30. Profile – Theo Ballmer

Swiss radical. Whether commercial or political, the work of Theo Ballmer was underpinned with craft, precision and passion. By Richard Hollis

38. Common knowledge – Burglar alarm covers

Safe houses. The language of burglar alarm covers reveals a special kind of British grit. By Vici MacDonald

44. Review – Helvetica the film

Ready for its close-up. After 50 years as a famous face, Helvetica gets to star in its own feature film. By Rachel Abrams

46. Critique – Monocle magazine

Comfortably numb. Tyler Brûlé’s high-flying monthly promises a cool, global perspective, buts its attitudes are grounded in the 1980s. By Rick Poynor

48. Picture–Book design

GTF’s Tord Boontje monograph employs structural and decorative devices drawn directly from the product designer’s work. By John L Walters

56. Feature – BBC Hindi Service

Roadshows and rickshaws. Folk images help BBC World Service promote its 21st-century virtues to a rural Indian audience. By Steve Hare

60. Overview – Website design

An online drift. Five Eye writers take a stroll along the highways and strip malls of contemporary cyberspace. By John O’Reilly, Adrian Shaughnessy, Brendan Dawes, Erik Spiekermann and Anne Burdick

70. Profile – Le Gun

Garage band. The hand-made work of this young collective finds expression through parties, installations, a website and a big ’zine. By Luke Pendrell

81. Uncoated


Noted (Gorilla).

Agenda (Messy medium).

Monitor (write / here).


Books received.


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