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Inspiration: Pioneer 10 plaque (1972)

Inspiration: Pioneer 10 plaque (1972)

Design history, Illustration, Information design, Technology, Visual culture

Billions of miles from Earth and still travelling, this etched metal plaque is the furthest piece of design from our planet. Appreciated by Gary Benzel and Todd St. John of HunterGatherer

Editorial Eye 15

Graphic design, Technology, Typography, Editorial

In the three and a half years since Fuse, the interactive type magazine, was started…
Get the message?

Get the message?

Technology, Typography, Agenda

Legibility is relative. Is it time we broke the tablets of stone? Agenda by Michèle-Anne Dauppe

Applying the lessons of the future today

Technology, Agenda

The instant, push-button excitements of the digital wonderland blind us to the imaginative challenge posed by the new technology