Opinion: Agenda


Fits, starts and fads

Graphic design, Agenda

Eras cannot be neatly sliced up according to decades or even generations. Graphic design keeps changing while somehow staying the same.

Eurothis and eurothat


Will the political and monetary union of Europe lead to an increasingly homogeneous graphic design? Or will designers fight for solutions that are local to a country’s culture yet international is resonance?

Stop sitting around and start reading


Postmodern typography sees the reader as an idler in need of short sharp shocks. But is reading really so passive a process?

Cult of the squiggly


Over-abundant embellishment is spiralling out of control. Time to get out the shears, cries Steven Heller.

The 'L' Word


Not all designers are liberals. But you’d never know it from design conferences. Or the pages of Eye…

What do we call ourselves now?


In a world of brand specialists and information architects, is it enough to call ourselves ‘graphic designers’ without sounding either overly specialised or obsolete?

Advertising and history


Admen plunder the past – with no history to call their own

Me feral designer


While we don’t need more slick professionals, primitives are no boon either

A glimpse of graphic hell


Whatever ideological stance they take, designers must at least believe in design

The science of word recognition


The legibility of a typeface should not be evaluated on its ability to generate a good word shape.
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