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The end of typography: slow death by default


Designing for the partially sighted: misguided guidlines

Chewing it over: issues of style and content

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Agenda In the spring issue of Eye (no. 47 vol. 12) I wrote a particularly…

Meanwhile, in the weird world of art


When musicians remake an old hit, it’s called a cover version. When a painter copies an illustrator it’s called fine art

Why bother? Ask the Dutch

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When issues of quality, responsibility and professionalism are debated, the emerging graphic design organisations of Ireland should look to the example of the Dutch BNO

What did you do in the design studio today, daddy?

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Graphic designers are convinced of the profession’s importance. Now they have to convince everyone else

The new typographer muttering in your ear


First published in Eye no. 19 vol. 5, 1995…

Have you ever really looked at this poster?


A critical design history should explore the relationship of form, content and production, argues the author of a new concise history.

What has writing got to do with design?

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We canonise the giants of design history as champions of total authorship, while overlooking the obvious message of their work

No more heroes


Why is design history so obsessed by appearance?
Get the message?

Get the message?

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Legibility is relative. Is it time we broke the tablets of stone? Agenda by Michèle-Anne Dauppe
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