Opinion: Agenda


Applying the lessons of the future today

Technology, Agenda

The instant, push-button excitements of the digital wonderland blind us to the imaginative challenge posed by the new technology

The medium is messy


The creative process is often unstructured, without purpose or elegance. Like life itself, or playing games

We’re in bras, lamps and breakfast cereal

Graphic design, Agenda

Today’s corporation is very different from its predecessors. But the identities devised by designers are failing to mirror the changes

Fanfare for the common hack


Design theorists cannot afford to turn a deaf ear to the everyday experience of the many.

Imperialism by another name?


India’s designers need to compete globally, but Western-style professionalisation could threaten the country’s confidence

Growing up in public


To tackle bigger projects and take more responsibility, graphic designers will have to get together and…

Copyleft and copyright


Time to examine the debates about the ownership of intellectual property

Words fail us

Graphic design, Agenda

Serious discussions of the relationships between message, audience and graphic design are still handicapped by a limited lexicon. Yet our need for an enriched language is greater than ever.
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