Spring 2011

Editorial Eye 79

One of the fascinating things about type is its dynamic nature. Take any era and there is always technological and creative innovation: look at the typographically informed work of Canadian design guru Allan Fleming; at Roger Excoffon’s idiosyncratic typefaces; or the changing mastheads of Australian food mag Epicurean.

Glossy design books and magazines can give the false impression that everything has been done, that all the big challenges are in the past; that the debates are over, leaving present-day designers to ‘look back in Tumblr’. Kris Sowersby and Morag Myerscough disprove this. New Zealander Sowersby tackles new typefaces and ingenious revisitings with verve and energy, and London-based Myerscough makes three-dimensional space seem the natural home for graphic design – while keeping its deep roots in letters and type.