Spring 2014

Editorial Eye 87

What do we think about when we look at design for food and drink? This essential part of our lives can encompass everything from the raw to the cooked; from the anticipation of a feast to the remembrance of tastes past; from a thirst quenched to a branch of show business.

For this special issue of Eye, whether we looked at beer, burgers, jam or rhubarb, the concept of ‘authenticity’ always seemed fundamental. Yet the food industry also thrives on ‘inauthenticity’, from computer-generated virtual fizz to fictional farms. Whatever its intentions or outcomes, the food and drink sector is one of the biggest clients for some of the most fascinating and effective design and art direction, and looks set to stay that way. We all have to eat.

John L. Walters, Eye editor, London

First published in Eye no. 87 vol. 22 2014

EYE87 Cover

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