Spring 2005

Eye 55 contents page

From the contents page of Eye no. 55 vol. 14

Editorial by John L. Walters

01 Visual contents

02 Picture On the road Think Don’t Think – a series of poetic graphical interventions on the zebra crossings of Paris. By Deborah Burnstone

04 Critique Irony is not enough When design’s concerns form the content of an artist’s book, does ‘good design’ matter? By Rick Poynor

18 Essay Lost worlds Vernacular, or ‘found’ photography. Innocence regained? Or just another kind of fiction? By Val Williams

29 Showcase Taking pictures A new wave of photographers, fluent in the complex codes of 21st-century communication. By Faye Dowling

37 Essay Love the Internet Accessibility, usability, the W3C . . . are graphic designers finally coming to terms with the Web? By Adrian Shaughnessy

45 Archive The Crafty Linotyper Made in 1941 for AD magazine, Herbert Matter’s ‘typographic ballet’ is a dreamlike curiosity. By Kerry William Purcell

49 Profile Looking for clues Notebook in hand, Paul Davis works like a journalist, trying to figure out what makes us tick. By Rick Poynor

57 Overview Truth and distortion Can caricature ever regain its power to savage and mock the blunderers in high office? By Steven Heller

72 Common knowledge Security logos A startling array of incongruous motifs and icons are used by private security companies in South Africa. By Sean O’Toole

73 Uncoated Collection, Letters, Agenda: Copyleft, Monitor: i.t.a. Reviews, Colophon.