Autumn 2005

Eye 57 contents page

From the contents page of Eye no. 57 vol. 15

Editorial by John L. Walters

01 Visual contents

02 Picture Plat du Jour Food dye chromatography. Stanley Donwood’s artwork for Matthew Herbert’s album finds colour in chemistry. By John L. Walters

04 Critique Rubber Johnny Expert flesh creepers. Chris Cunningham’s video is a stomach-churning diversion from our digitally finessed world. By Rick Poynor

18 Report Image and meaning Making visible the invisible. Can designers and scientists teach each other how to express new concepts in text and image? By Stuart McKee

26 Overview Science books Genetics of the ‘open’ text. Children’s information books communicate their content with an energetic visual language. By Katherine Gillieson

36 Essay Letterpress Thinking in solid air. Design educators are finding that letterpress nurtures creativity and visual abstraction. By Steve Rigley

44 In few words Caravaggio special Art on newsprint. The Guardian’s Caravaggio special took the newspaper into art book publishing territory. By Chris Brawn

48 Report Tabloid football Close up and cut out. The UK’s red-top sports pages shout out a riotous assembly of colour, words and close-ups. By Will Hoon

52 History Illustration Multi-coloured mirrors. Alan Aldridge’s art direction of Beatles lyrics gave a graphic twist to the Swinging Sixties. By Steven Heller

60 Essay TDC Awards Nameless thing. Tokyo’s TDC rewards work that transcends means, intention, content, context – and just is. By John Warwicker

72 Common knowledge Letter boards Religion’s universal message (board). By Steven Heller

73 Inspiration Tony Hart’s 1970s TV programme Take Hart. By Jon Forss

74 Agenda Admen plunder the past – with no history to call their own. By David Crowley

77 Eye Reviews 57 Barefoot Gen. Volumes 1 and 2. By Keiji Nakazawa. Reviewed by Roger Sabin

77 Graphic Poetry. A Wig-01 Project. Reviewed by David Barringer

78 Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era. Edited by Christoph Grunenberg. Reviewed by Adrian Shaughnessy

78 Paris Underground. By Caroline Archer & Alexandre Parré. Reviewed by Luke Pendrell

79 Penguin By Design: A Cover Story 1935-2005. By Phil Baines. Reviewed by Dan Nadel

80 U&lc: influencing design and typography. Edited by John D. Berry. Reviewed by Kerry William Purcell

80 No Man’s Land. By Larry Towell. Reviewed by Wayne Ford

81 The Plot: The Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. By Will Eisner. Reviewed by Steven Heller

82 Exquisite Pain. By Sophie Calle. Appointment with Sigmund Freud. By Sophie Calle. Reviewed by Anna Gerber

83 Le Corbusier: Architect of Books. By Catherine de Smet. Reviewed by Richard Hollis

84 What happened here? Photography in Britain since 1968. Three conferences organised by Creative Camera. Reviewed by Anne Braybon

85 Brain Aided Design SoYo. The Designers Republic exhibition at Millennium Galleries, Sheffield. Reviewed by David Thompson

86 DesignArt. By Alex Coles. Reviewed by Deborah Burnstone

86 Folk Archive. By Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane. Reviewed by John O’Reilly

86 Design of Dissent: Socially and Politically Driven Graphics. By Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic. Reviewed by Sean O’Toole

87 TypeCon2005: Alphabet City. Conference review by John D. Berry

87 Books received

88 Colophon