Winter 2005

Eye 58 contents page

From the contents page of Eye no. 58 vol. 15

Editorial by John L. Walters

01 Visual contents

02 Picture Paris métro Remembrance of things past. The renovation of a métro line reveals traces of a century of billboard advertising. By Jessica Jenkins

04 Critique Newspaper design The big picture. The Guardian’s new Eyewitness page uses single images on a central spread for maximum impact. By Rick Poynor

18 Essay Contemporary design The decriminalisation of ornament. Spurned and marginalised for a century, decoration is enjoying a guilt-free renaissance. By Alice Twemlow

30 Denise Gonzales Crisp: The decorational

32 Marian Bantjes: Ornamentality

34 Omnivore: Perspective and embellishment

36 Mooren and Van der Velden: Argyle charm

Interviews with designers by Alice Twemlow

38 Profile George Hardie The rules of the game. Illustration as a problem-solving process: collecting, looking and drawing with exactitude. By Dan Nadel

46 Archive German design Buy this book. Jürgen Holstein’s volume of rare Weimar-era dust jackets is an extraordinary labour of love. By Steven Heller

48 Profile Toffe Ugly-beautiful. The work of one of France’s most original graphic voices bristles with contradictions. By Adrian Shaughnessy

56 Report Local identity Sense of place. Three new typefaces for local institutions draw on Sheffield’s typographic history. By Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon

72 Common knowledge Ching Ming offerings Paper objects for the dead. Pictures and words by Anthony Oliver

73 Inspiration 1960s programmes for the National Theatre. By Simon Esterson

74 Monitor Back to basics in Basel. The Basel School of Design Summer Program By Rupert Bassett

76 Robert Brownjohn: Sex and Typography. Book by Emily King. Exhibition at Design Museum, London. Reviewed by Kerry William Purcell

77 Poster Collection 11: Handmade. Reviewed by Grant Carruthers

78 Recollected Work: Mevis and Van Deursen. Reviewed by Michael Bierut

78 Graphic Novels: Stories to Change Your Life. By Paul Gravett. Reviewed by David Thompson

79 Book Typography. By Ari Rafaeli. Reviewed by Robin Kinross

80 How to be a graphic designer, without losing your soul. By Adrian Shaughnessy. Reviewed by Christopher Wilson

80 Sample, 100 Fashion Designers, 010 Curators. Editor: Bronwyn Cosgrave Design: Julia Hasting. Reviewed by Christopher Brawn

81 Era 05 World Design Congress, September 2005. Reviewed by Steve Rigley

82 Departure of the Slam Door Train. Photographs: Maxine Beuret. Design: Blast. Reviewed by Deborah Burnstone

82 2x4 / Design series 3 exhibition, SFMOMA, San Francisco. Reviewed by Rhonda Rubinstein and David Peters

82 Cipe Pineles: Two Remembrances. By Estelle Ellis and Carol Burtin Fripp. Reviewed by Vici MacDonald

83 Revolutionary Tides: The Art of the Political Poster 1914-1989. By Jeffrey T. Schnapp. Reviewed by Steven Heller

84 The most beautiful Swiss books 2004. Reviewed by Kerry William Purcell

84 AIGA ‘Design’ Conference, Boston, September 2005. Reviewed by John L. Walters

85 Inclusive Design: Clear and Large Print Best Practice Guide for Designers. Published by RNIB / ISTD. Reviewed by Robin Richmond

86 Books received

87 Letters Design and advertising; joined at the hip? 26 Letters. Dutch wayfinding

88 Colophon