Saturday, 12:00am
31 December 2005

Eye 59 contents page

From the contents page of Eye no. 59 vol. 15

Editorial by John L. Walters

01 Visual contents

02 Picture Identity Unfurling artwords. The Walker Art Center has a new identity – multi-voiced, reflexive – that does exactly what it says. By Nick Bell

04 Critique Web design Digital history book. A website about Alvin Lustig pioneers the presentation of design history for the click-and-search generation. By Rick Poynor

18 Overview Theory Part of the process. The Nicolas Bourriaud concept of ‘relational aesthetics’ may give designers a new set of tools. By Monika Parrinder and Colin Davies

26 Reputations Richard Hollis Rational and responsive, Richard Hollis’s practice exemplifies

a very British kind of Modernism. By Christopher Wilson

36 Report African screenprinting Harare’s unsung type heroes. Not even eviction and exposure to the elements can stop the Highfield Art Club from printing. By Saki Mafundikwa

42 Type design Cyrus Highsmith Space and rhythm. This young American type designer learnt his craft through study and apprenticeship. By Jan Middendorp

48 Archive County of London Plan Vision of a future that never was. A radical, well designed plan sought to turn grimy war-torn London into a Modernist Utopia. By Dinah Casson

52 Profile Veronica Bailey Torn space. Obsessive, high-resolution photo prints detail

a sensual world of books and love letters. By Sue Steward

56 Publishing history Covering photography Bookshelf photo shop. Iconic book cover images create a surreal, alternative history of twentieth century photography. By Karl Baden

60 Essay Ad culture Advertising and the globalisation of aspiration. Global visual culture is dominated by the values of the industrialised West. By Lynne Ciochetto

72 Common knowledge Wayfinding marks Painted blobs, stripes and arrows from the French Pyrenees. Pictures and words by Jamie Hobson

73 Inspiration The erotic woodcuts of Eric Gill. By Jason Smith

74 Letters Decorating the screen; Conference health warning; This is not Mexico 68

76 Reviews 8vo: On the Outside. By Mark Holt and Hamish Muir. Reviewed by Anna Gerber

77 Wall and Piece. By Banksy. Reviewed by Rick Poynor

78 The Encyclopaedia of Fonts. By Gwyn Headley

Reviewed by Catherine Dixon

79 Living Pictures: Perspectives on the Film Poster in India. Edited by David Blamey and Robert D’Souza. Reviewed by Alex Coles

Pictures & Words, New Comic Art and Narrative Illustration. Edited by Roanne Bell and Mark Sinclair. Reviewed by Peter Blegvad

80 Warp: Labels Unlimited. By Rob Young. Reviewed by Paul West

New Views: Repositioning Graphic Design History. Graphic Design History Symposium, London College of Communication, October 2005. Reviewed by Alice Twemlow

81 Urban Sign Design. By Hiroshi Tsujita. Reviewed by Steve Hare

The Acme Novelty Library #16. By Chris Ware. Reviewed by David Thompson

82 Chasing the Perfect: Thoughts on Modernist Design in Our Time. By Natalia Ilyin. Reviewed by Steven Heller

The Stroke: Theory of Writing. By Gerrit Noordzij. Reviewed by Jan Middendorp

83 E. McKnight Kauffer: a designer and his public. By Mark Haworth-Booth Reviewed by Richard Hollis

Abram Games: Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means. Touring exhibition Reviewed by Steve Rigley

84 Black Hole. By Charles Burns. Reviewed by Roger Sabin

Illustration Now!. Ed. Julius Wiedemann. Reviewed by Christopher Brawn

85 Ortszeit / Local Time. By Stefan Koppelkamm. Reviewed by Deborah Burnstone

Futurist Typography and the Liberated Text. By Alan Bartram. Reviewed by Katherine Gillieson

86 Books received, including Bad Girls; Chip Kidd: Work: 1986-2006. Book one; Drip-dry shirts; The Signs of our Times; Shaping Things; Video Game Art; We All Die Alone

88 Colophon