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15 July 2008

Eye 68

Contents of Eye no. 68 vol. 17

Special issue: Beyond the canon

2 Editorial By John L. Walters

Special issue: Beyond the canon

12 History is vital – nostalgia is death Introduction

14 Googling the design canon. Infographic, with afterword by Martha Scotford

16 Forgotten, neglected, overlooked or undervalued . . . Design’s wayward cousins

Chapbooks. By Steve Rigley

18 Modernism and monograms

Hermann Eidenbenz. By Paul Barnes

21 Prototype propagandist

Eladio Rivadulla. By Jan Middendorp

22 Iguana stew

Ko Sliggers poster. By Nick Bell

24 Talking pictures

Otto Neurath. By Christopher Burke

26 Woman at the edge of technology

Jacqueline Casey. By Elizabeth Resnick

29 The digital essence

Lexicon. By Mario Feliciano

30 Typographic tango

Néon. By Krzysztof Fijalkowski

33 The new, weird America

Early R.E.M. sleeves. By Eric Heiman

34 Going the distance

Roundel’s Railfreight identity. By Matt Soar

38 Gender rendition

Das Black Moonlight. By Stuart McKee

39 The right stuff

The Open University. By Jonathan Baldwin

40 Voice control

Fahrenheit 451 titles. By Michael Worthington

42 Beneath the radar

Katy Keene. By Teal Triggs

44 Terms of reference

The Printer’s Terms. By Catherine Dixon

46 On the nose

Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday. By Roger Sabin

48 The test of time

Colour deficiency plates. By Eric Kindel

49 New frontier

Art Paul’s Playboy. By Steven Heller

52 Home Counties surrealism

Keef. By Matthew Cornford and John Beck

56 Polyphonic playground

The world’s first graphic design museum in Breda, Holland plus the ‘European Championship of Graphic Design’. Report by John L. Walters

58 Who cares about graphic design history?

With contributions from: Strange Attractors (US and Holland), Adrien Pelletier (France and UK), Fraser Muggeridge Studio (UK), Giampietro+Smith (US), Filip Blazek (Czech Republic), Pedro Inoue (Brazil), Sara De Bondt, (UK and Belgium), William Hall (UK), Craig Oldham (UK), Adam + Sébastien (Switzerland), Barbara Ehrbar, Superbüro (Switzerland), Vicente Tigre (US, Holland and Brazil), Dieter Wiechmann (US and UK), Nod Young (China), Oliver Knight, OK-RM (UK), Kurnal Rawat (India) James Lambert (UK), Redouane Oumahi (France and Sweden), Motomichi Nakamura (Japan and US), Matt Dent (UK).

72 Absolutely the ‘worst’ How does a graphic work claim its place in history?

Notoriety and originality helps, but nothing beats repeated publication.

Critique by Rick Poynor

81 Uncoated.

Twelve pages of reviews, Books received, colophon. See Uncoated contents, p.81