Monday, 12:00am
22 June 2009

Eye 72 contents



3 Bad timing

A Bond-themed magazine fails to incite ‘product lust’

by Rick Poynor


14 Marian Bantjes

The Canadian designer talks about type, illustration, her mid-life crisis and ‘swirlies’

interview by John L. Walters, photograph by Andrew Querner


24 Sampling the Modern

GF Smith. Designs on paper by Bill Mackay and SEA

by Liz Farrelly

28 Body Type

Maxime Buechi’s Sang Bleu mixes tattoos with fetishism, philosophy and pop culture

by Keith Miller


32 The graphic designer as illustrator

Build, Dust, Alex Trochut, IWANT, Karlssonwilker, Universal Everything,

Airside and Grandpeople. Design that embraces the made image.

Plus an essay that puts this ‘new’ hybrid into critical perspective

Schism and reunification

by Adrian Shaughnessy

44 Artwork and play

Brian Knight’s lovingly detailed Airfix paintings of boats, planes and soldiers

by Robert Hanks

48 Storytelling giant

Profile of illustrator Christoph Niemann, from blogs to picture books

by Steven Heller

56 Fired up and hired

Will MTV continue to champion animators from around the globe?

by Liz Farrelly

60 Drawn into conversation

Big brands use illustration to say ‘honest’, ‘natural’ and ‘popular’

by Steve Hare

70 The orderly chaos of James Joyce

Monthly flyers propelled this former graphic designer into illustration

by John L. Walters


82 Agenda: Cult of the squiggly

Over-abundant embellishment is spiralling out of control. Time to get out the shears,

cries Steven Heller

84 Reviews

including: Richard Hollis on Corporate Diversity, Christian Schwartz on Helvetica

Forever, Rick Poynor, David Crowley, Paul Shaw and Henrik Kubel on Subway Art

94 Education

Scrapbook from China, Algerian poster project and an alphabetical catwalk

96 Colophon

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