Deborah Burnstone

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Reputations: Thomas Huot-Marchand

Issue 102, Autumn 2021


‘It is not a question of revisiting a typographic style, but of questioning the means of creating typefaces, of establishing a new formal logic by pushing certain parameters to their maximum.’ Interview by Véronique Marrier

Paper tigers

Issue 83, Summer 2012


Deborah Burnstone describes Fedrigoni’s inspirational workshops for secondary school art and design teachers

On autopilot

Issue 81, Autumn 2011


A5 / 05: Lufthansa and Graphic Design: Visual History of an Airline (Lars Müller Publishers…

On the road

Issue 55, Spring 2005


Think Don’t Think - a series of poetic graphical interventions on the zebra crossings of Paris

A Flock of Words (text in full)

Issue 45, Autumn 2002


Typography meets sculpture on a windy English seafront

Cultural chameleon

Issue 37, Autumn 2000


The German publication Shift! takes familiar signs from the world of image consumption and reconfigures them for its own purposes. The changing format, from disk to book to board game, is an essential part of its identity

Women and the media: dignity and decency? Equality

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


The European Commission takes steps to ban sexist imagery in the media