Issue 83


Graphic design, Typography, Editorial, John L. Walters
Several recent issues of Eye have focused on type design, but this special puts the…
The woman who took on the Wolf Man
Book design, Illustration, Visual culture, Rick Poynor
Sława Harasymowicz’s first foray into graphic novels illuminates a Freudian case history with thrilling clarity. Critique by Rick Poynor


Reputations: Massimo Vignelli
R. Roger Remington
‘I was always seeking to affect the lives of millions of people – not through politics or entertainment but through design. I strive to raise the bar a few inches, taking the commonplace and improving it.’
Miss Fixit
Steven Heller
Tina Roth Eisenberg never had a business plan. But all the things she dreams up – the Swissmiss blog, ‘creative mornings’, stick-on tattoos – pay off. By Steven Heller
Street life
Nick Kapica
Bremen’s street magazine Die Zeitschrift der Strasse is a social project that benefits its student publishers as much as its homeless vendors. By Nick Kapica
The line of beauty
Paul Shaw, Abby Goldstein
Script typefaces, currently enjoying an unprecedented popularity, bring a vital element of humanity to the digital age. By Paul Shaw and Abby Goldstein
Rethinking Lubalin
Adrian Shaughnessy
As his book on Herb Lubalin – the first in almost 30 years – goes to press, Adrian Shaughnessy explains his change of heart about the US typographer
Devil in the detail
John L. Walters
Careful, even-tempered typographer by day – wild art director by night? For John Morgan, both the typographic detailing and the grand gestures are essential to each project’s unique ‘atmosphere’. By John L. Walters.
Free for all
John Ridpath
In designing the Ubuntu type family, Dalton Maag had to produce faces for print and screen in thirteen styles and numerous non-Latin languages – all under scrutiny from an online audience of millions. By John Ridpath
Postmodern jam session
Jan Middendorp
Jan Middendorp recalls Fuse, the type ‘magazine’ that opened up (and put the lid on) a transient era of adventurous type design from small digital foundries
Last things last
Ken Garland
It’s not a case of ‘us and them’! Ken Garland addresses an issue left unsaid in his 1964 First Things First manifesto: an acknowledgement of the client’s essential role in graphic design
Paper tigers
Deborah Burnstone
Deborah Burnstone describes Fedrigoni’s inspirational workshops for secondary school art and design teachers