Issue 102


Editorial Eye 102
Editorial, John L. Walters
Are we are in ‘a new golden age of type design’?
Rebalancing the design canon
Design education, Education, Elizabeth Resnick
Elizabeth Resnick looks at the practitioners and educators intent on revising our understanding of women’s roles in design history
Experiments in destabilisation
Critical path, Design education, Design history, Rick Poynor
A CalArts book celebrates decades of purposeful graphic weirdness. Critique by Rick Poynor


Reputations: Thomas Huot-Marchand
Véronique Marrier, Deborah Burnstone
‘It is not a question of revisiting a typographic style, but of questioning the means of creating typefaces, of establishing a new formal logic by pushing certain parameters to their maximum.’ Interview by Véronique Marrier [EXTRACT]
The Nebiolo legacy
Nebiolo History Project, Marta Bernstein, James Clough, Alessandro Colizzi, Riccardo De Franceschi, Massimo Gonzato, Riccardo Olocco
Though Italy’s most renowned type foundry closed its doors more than four decades ago, its influence endures. By the Nebiolo History Project [EXTRACT]
Global type tour
Gerry Leonidas
‘Typographics 21’ was a ten-session, online journey that covered type and lettering from around the world – but with the explicit exclusion of Europe and North America. By Gerry Leonidas
Typographics 21: Session 1
Elena Veguillas
This opening session, curated and introduced by Colombian designer César Puertas, had activism and resistance at the core of the three talks …
Typographics 21: Session 2
Anoushka Khandwala
Hosted gracefully by November’s Shiva Nallaperumal, this session touched on type’s radical capabilities as well as its artistic potential …
Typographics 21: Session 3
Ferdinand P. Ulrich
To address issues of Turkish and Persian typography, Chicago-based curator Pegah Ahmadi selected speakers who share the experience of …
Typographics 21: Session 4
Stephen Banham
Under the curation of New York-based Australian type designer Troy Leinster, this session centred on the ‘Pacific’ region, and thoughtfully expanded …
Typographics 21: Session 5
Indra Kupferschmid
‘Typographics 2021’ has been one big, highly accessible and enjoyable world trip. Session five brought us to Russia, or rather, topics circling …
Typographics 21: Session 6
Ferdinand P. Ulrich
YuJune Park and Caspar Lam hosted a session dedicated to East Asian languages and scripts, during which their selected speakers from Hong Kong …
Typographics 21: Session 7
Anoushka Khandwala
The seventh session was conducted in both Arabic and English, highlighting the nature of duality in Arabic type design …
Typographics 21: Session 8
Montserrat Miranda Ayejes
In this South American session, Giulia Fagundes, a 23-year-old Brazilian designer from Estúdio Daó in São Paulo and a director of DNBR (Designers Negres no Brasil) …
Typographics 21: Session 9
Saki Mafundikwa
Simon Charwey, a Ghanaian brand identity designer whose work is entirely inspired by Afrikan symbols and writing systems, curated and hosted this session …
Typographics 21: Session 10
In the right hands
Jan Middendorp
The work of Barcelona type designer Laura Meseguer is a beguiling alchemy of hand- lettering and digital craft. By Jan Middendorp [EXTRACT]
The name’s Caroff. Joe Caroff
Thilo von Debschitz
Thilo von Debschitz profiles a man who designed some of the best known movie identities of the past six decades.
Design for a better world
John L. Walters
Indian design duo November balances commercial practice with a commitment to social change. By John L. Walters [EXTRACT]