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A house that type built

Issue 94, Summer 2017


Type foundry House Industries – the subject of a hefty new monograph and a retrospective exhibition near Detroit – champions the joyful vulgarity of United States graphic arts. Jason Godfrey and Dan Adams pay tribute

A passion for graphic expression

Issue 79, Spring 2011


A passage in Born Modern recounts how the 39-year-old graphic designer Alvin Lustig invited his…

Naked words

Issue 82, Winter 2011


Type-only book covers – whether deliberately austere, functional … or shouting loud from the shelves – have always had a place in publication design.

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Type Tuesday: Presstival

24 July 2012
Book design, Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Posters, Typography

Preview of a late summer festival for British print and type enthusiasts
We like the sound of ‘Presstival’, otherwise known as the annual open day of the…

Type Tuesday: Naked words

11 July 2012
Book design, Design history, Graphic design, Typography

Type-only book covers: austere, functional … or shouting out loud
Once upon a time, book jackets were almost all pure typographic compositions: these were the…