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Systematic play

Issue 95, Winter 2017


Using intuition, research and process, the work of Armin Lindauer and Betina Müller revitalises connections between art, design and science

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To infinity and beyond

11 December 2018
Book design, Graphic design, Reviews, Visual culture

Kevin J. Hunt reviews Paul Jackson’s accessible new book about pattern-making
Paul Jackson, an origami artist and design teacher, has created a highly accessible guide to…

Follow the glitch

6 April 2018
Critical path, New media, Photography, Reviews, Technology, Visual culture

Vendela Grundell’s book Flow and Friction shows how glitch art, shaky and unstable, can recalibrate our ways of seeing. Review by Kevin J. Hunt
In her book Flow and Friction, art historian and photographer Vendela Grundell explores the way…

Out of this world

3 February 2017
Book design, Graphic design, Illustration, Reviews

Epilogue Press’s Flatland re-interprets the 1884 classic for the age of popular science. Review by Kevin J. Hunt
Flatland is a cult novella by Edwin A. Abbott, first published in 1884, a classic…

In and out of your head

26 September 2016
Illustration, Music design, New media, Reviews, Visual culture

‘Björk Digital’ frames the singer’s music in an intimate, uncanny experience
‘Björk Digital’ is a remarkable and intimate way to experience a collection of songs, writes…

Unexpected beauty

4 September 2015
New media, Technology, Visual culture

Phillip D. Stearns discovers new images and patterns in the twisted glitches of digital media. Kevin J. Hunt reports
Phillip D. Stearns explores digital signals and meanings, a relationship demonstrated in his mesmerising, evolving…

Mirror mirror

18 November 2014
Graphic design, Music design, Photography, Visual culture

What do the reflections in the images for Bowie’s new compilation tell us about his relationship with the audience? By Kevin J. Hunt
Seeing someone else’s reflection in a mirror is a curious, even disconcertingly uncanny, affair, writes…