Michael Worthington

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Voice control

Issue 68, Summer 2008


The title sequence for this Truffaut movie heralds brilliantly a world where the written word is forbidden.

How hip-hop changed the way things look

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


I have to admit I’m not the greatest fan of Hip-Hop so it’s a bit…

On message!

Issue 41, Autumn 2001


Mass-market graphic activism with a contemporary relevance.

Self 1: Self-expanding

Issue 39, Spring 2001


When a practice goes live with its own website, the lines between sales pitch, culture, publishing and ads get blurred. But ask a search engine for designers and you end up with branding or blandness. Maybe self-indulgence is the best policy

Entranced by motion, seduced by stillness

Issue 33, Autumn 1999


New media is undergoing the kind of definition print went through centuries ago. A meditation on the status of moving and static typography

Theory in practice

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


Gerstner’s curious compendium is a dense brick of knowledge