Issue 41


Vanishing point
Rick Poynor
A slender idea is inflated to attention-grabbing proportions. Critique by Rick Poynor
Stefan Sagmeister
Imitation subway notices by True
John L. Walters
Eye’s second redesign in its ten-year history


Marcus Ainley
Chris Morrow
A slave ship diagram is used as a symbol for the Black diaspora
Anna Gerber
Can happy accidents save us from crude perfectionism?
Jessica Helfand
Paper wheel charts suggest a new way to display complex information
Steven Heller
The rhetoric of hate provides ‘a new kind of meaning’
Martin Dawson
Can classic, remastered fonts retain the spirit of the ‘authentic’ original?
Michael Worthington
Mass-market graphic activism with a contemporary relevance.
Chris Morrow
‘I won’t compromise my concept. If entertainment doesn’t contain information, then I don’t want anything to do with it.’