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A serious book, brilliant with experience and discretion

Issue 41, Autumn 2001


Maud Lavin has written a book for designers who wonder what became of the revolutionaries…

Word art

Issue 11, Winter 1993


In post-war art the visual and the literary have blurred. Typography is the point at which they meet

Reputations: Barbara Kruger

Issue 5, Winter 1991


‘I’m someone who works with pictures and words, and people can take that to mean anything they like.’ Eye talks to the American magazine designer turned media artist who uses the tools of advertising and graphic design to confront and question her audience

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Graphic design live #15

27 February 2024
Graphic design, Events and exhibitions

Paula Scher in Munich; Type Tuesday with Astrid Stavro and Luca Pitoni; Ellen Lupton in New York and online; Futuress and Brand New Life in Basel; UVA and Barbara Kruger in London.

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Exhibition ephemera

26 June 2015
Book design, Graphic design, Reviews, Visual culture

Graphic designers collect all kinds of ephemera, from boxes crammed with flyers to pinboards covered…

Of monumental proportions

30 May 2014
Graphic design, Reviews, Typography, Visual culture

Lettering Large is a graphic designer’s coffee table book, easily read in one sitting but…