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Violently opposed to war

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


Looking for images of ‘peace’ on the internet yields predictable and clichéd results, as Signs…

Like they do give a damn

Issue 63, Spring 2007


Strong design, right-on ‘Projects’ and lashings of information porn make Good a title that aims high

Writing on the wall: The posters of James Victore

Issue 30, Winter 1998


With a visual polemic of angry scrawls that stop pedestrians in their tracks, this committed New Yorker tackles Shakespeare, safe sex and racism in personal (frequently self-financed) projects that hammer home graphic design’s potential to make a difference

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Books received #36

5 February 2019
Graphic design, Illustration, Information design

James Victore’s Feck Perfuction; Observe, Collect, Draw!; Brand By Hand; How To Do Great Work Without Being an Asshole
Here is a collection of self-help and ‘memoir-adjacent’ titles – all written by designers –…

From cave to code

29 July 2013
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Posters, Typography

Designer Scott W. Santoro writes about the lessons he learned while producing a textbook for graphic design students
My young son once asked, ‘Why are we here?’, writes Scott W. Santoro. When the…