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Another frame for the news

Issue 88, Summer 2014


The redesign of RTL Nieuws makes a radical break with the conventions of television news graphics, crossing the now fluid boundaries between broadcast and online.

One week in pictures

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


Now we are deluged with more images than ever, we have lost faith in the power of the photo to express anything other than our personal reality. We don’t take the production of meaning seriously and we use pictures with less fluency and purpose than earlier generations of photographers, designers and editors. We don’t know what we’re trying to say and we don’t know who we are saying it for. We don’t value expertise and commitment and we don’t believe in the photographer’s mission – nor do we think it is likely to have any effect. Rick Poynor looks at one week’s magazine journalism, and finds that this ocean of pictures tells uncomfortable truths about who we are now

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Kitching on both sides of the Thames

10 February 2015
Graphic design, Magazines, Type Tuesday, Typography

Two London exhibitions show different aspects of Alan Kitching’s typographic design – personal projects and work for the Guardian.
By the end of this week there will be exhibitions of Alan Kitching’s work in…

More platforms for editorial design

11 March 2013
Graphic design, Information design, Magazines, Technology, Type Tuesday

Art director Mark Porter is the main speaker at ‘The magazine now arriving at platform 15’ at St Bride
The Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London is a chance to hear…