Issue 88


Readymade format
Design history, Visual culture, Rick Poynor
An illustrated ‘gift book’ dictionary by Heretic brings Marcel Duchamp’s ideas to a wider audience. Critique by Rick Poynor
Editorial Eye 88
Editorial, John L. Walters
Publication design is a thread that runs through Eye 88. There’s the innovation in books…


Jim Boulton
Digital archeologist Jim Boulton explores the creative history of computer technology
The retoucher’s accidental art
Rick Poynor
The reworked press photos now being discarded are unique objects and compellingly strange images. Raynal Pellicer has a collection
Another frame for the news
Tom Harrad
The redesign of RTL Nieuws makes a radical break with the conventions of television news graphics, crossing the now fluid boundaries between broadcast and online.
Powered flight
John L. Walters
For fifteen years, Pegasus, an international biannual corporate magazine designed by Derek Birdsall, led a charmed life.
Reputations: Irma  Boom
Anne Miltenburg
‘I compare my work to architecture. I don’t build villas, I build social housing. The books are industrially made and they need to be made very well. I am all for industrial production. I hate one-offs. On one book you can do anything, but if you do a print run, that is a challenge. It’s never art. Never, never, never.’
To have and to hold
Robert Hanks
The challenges of digital publishing have galvanised a new spirit in book design and production. Is it just the decadent flourish of a disappearing format?
The hi-res past
Natalie Orenstein
E. M. Ginger’s company 42-line specialises in digital facsimiles of rare books, manuscripts and art.
In the right place
Gerald Cinamon
In this extract from his book, Gerald Cinamon explains how he brought integrated book design to Penguin – first at his kitchen table in the 1960s; later as chief designer
Open up the future
Cláudio Ferlauto
As São Paulo prepares for the 2014 AGI Open, Cláudio Ferlauto argues that design education in Brazil is endangered by new priorities