Issue 73


the editor , John L. Walters

Framing the evidence of war
Critique, Rick Poynor

By incorporating reportage of Russia’s Afghan war, this hybrid takes the graphic novel and…

The artful charm of the public notice
Monitor, Rob Giampietro

Big, bad, bold and subverted by artists and designers, the public notice returns power to the people


Better than the real thing?
Steven Heller

Facsimiles give scholars and students the chance to enjoy, understand and literally get to grips with the…

Character studies
John L. Walters

Michael Johnson’s project to make a ‘phonetic typeface’ that English speakers can understand

One week in pictures
Rick Poynor

Now we are deluged with more images than ever, we have lost faith in the power of the photo to express…

Flight of the imagination
Frederico Duarte

Do Ivan Chermayeff’s uncompromising posters signify the last days of Modernist ambition?

Reputations: Kathy Ryan
Liz Danzico

‘It’s a balance between art and content. With art, it’s pure visual delight. And because it’s The New…

The view from here
Keith Miller

Julio Bittencourt records the last days of Prestes Maia 911 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Art and art direction – Kuchar Swara
John L. Walters

The relationship between art directors and photography has developed in myriad ways alongside changes in…

Art and art direction – Jens Gehlhaar
Deborah Littlejohn

Jens Gehlhaar, of directors’ collective Brand New School, moves effortlessly between moving image…

Art and art direction – Thomas Lenthal
Véronique Vienne

Thomas Lenthal, creative director for luxury fashion brands and his own magazine Paradis.

Art and art direction – Daniel Eatock
John L. Walters

Daniel Eatock’s approach to photography provides a provocative link between conceptual art and an…

Eye editors

The first Eye awards for the creative use of library images.

Not all black and white
Sean O’Toole

Changes in South African photobooks reveal a nation now free to explore its self-image

Do they know it’s communication?
Bob Wilkinson

A decade after signing First Things First 2000, Bob Wilkinson tested his design principles by…