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Dreaming in Colors

Issue 91, Spring 2016


In the ‘about’ section on the Colors website, you can see a sepia-tone photograph of…

Commercial Art

Issue 29, Autumn 1998


Oliviero Toscani's monumental and confrontational art direction and photography has provoked many different critiques and gut reactions as he tries to blur the line between fine art and advertising, an approach he has continuted with Colors and Fabrica. Like a Virgin? (David Bernstein); Benetton's gospel (Max Bruinsma); Fabrica: Heaven, Hell or Purgatory? (Teal Triggs); Business as usual (Judith Williamson)

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Graphic design live #10

13 February 2023
Design history, Graphic design, Type Tuesday, Events and exhibitions

Sara De Bondt in London; Haettenschweiler in Zurich; Shaping Protest in Ulm; Polish poster and type design in California; and Extinction Rebellion in London.
Here is a selection of current and upcoming events – page to stay up to date…

Offset 2013: day two

12 April 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Reviews, Visual culture

Gag-happy Vaughan Oliver recalls ‘holding a comma on the end of my scalpel.’ Pam Bowman continues her coverage of the Dublin conference.
Saturday began with Irish Children’s Laureate Niamh Sharkey, writes Pam Bowman, in the second of…

Offset 2013: day one

9 April 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Reviews

Bob Gill, Louise Fili and Ben Bos explain why design is ‘not a profession but a way of life.’ Pam Bowman reports from the Dublin conference.
Starting at 10am on Friday 5 April and finishing at 7pm the following Sunday, Offset…