Monday, 11:38pm
13 February 2023

Graphic design live #10

Sara De Bondt in London; Haettenschweiler in Zurich; Shaping Protest in Ulm; Polish poster and type design in California; and Extinction Rebellion in London.

Graphic Design Live #10

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Type Tuesday: On and off the grid with Sara De Bondt
7 March 2023
Location: St Bride, 14 Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ, UK

Mark your diaries and book your tickets for the next Type Tuesday, which will be held at St Bride Library in London on 7 March. With more details due to be released soon, we are pleased to welcome graphic designer, publisher and educator Sara De Bondt (see ‘A certain smile’ in Eye 80 and ‘Icons of oppression’ in Eye 103) as a speaker. Tickets:

Sara will share her reflections on using curation as a graphic design research method, having designed and curated ‘Off the grid’ exhibition on post-war Belgian graphic design, displayed at Design Museum Gent in 2019. The talk will raise broader questions on naming, authorship, as well as design canons, historical ‘relevance’, and wider context in graphic design practice.

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Exhibition view, ‘Off the Grid’, Design Museum Gent, 2019-20. Photo: Michael Delausnay.

Poster for Colonial Days: Under the high patronage of His Majesty the King, 1924, courtesy Collection KMMA, Tervuren. It was featured in Sara de Bondt’s book documenting the history of Belgian graphic design, titled Off the Grid: Histories of Belgian graphic design (Occasional papers, 2022).

Ending soon
Haettenschweiler from A to Z – Creator of Typefaces, Graphic Designer, and Artist
to 19 February 2023
Location: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Ausstellungs­strasse 60, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

Ending this week is monographic exhibition ‘Haettenschweiler from A to Z’, a tribute to the versatile Swiss designer Walter F. Haettenschweiler. He is best known for his film titles, commercial graphics, publications such as Lettera volumes published jointly with Armin Haab, and type design – most famously the Schmalfette Grotesk. The exhibition includes interactive elements, offering a chance for visitors to try out Haettenschweiler’s typefaces themselves, or to experiment with manual design techniques. A research studio involved in the exhibition developed a deep learning tool which can identify applications of Schmalfette Grotesk within numerous archives, which can be tested out on site.

Punctuating the exhibition is a series of interviews from peers and colleagues and first-hand stories shared by his former apprentices, offering a comprehensive look into his multifaceted work. The exhibit highlights Haettenschweiler's passion for design, his diverse style, and the significance of his contributions to the world of typography.

Preview of ‘Haettenschweiler from A to Z – Creator of Typefaces, Graphic Designer, and Artist’ exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich. Curated by Barbara Junod.

The exhibition was designed by Atelier Gut and Herendi Artemisio.

Currently on
Protest! gestalten — Shaping Protest: Symbols, Gestures, Signals
to 16 April 2023
Location: Museum Ulm, Marktplatz 9, Ulm 89073, Germany

The Museum Ulm is hosting an exhibition to mark the 100th birthday of Otl Aicher (see ‘Time after time’ in Eye 63), an eminent graphic communicator who played a significant role in shaping twentieth century design, most notably the design of pictograms for 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich (see ‘Many players on the Olympic stage’ in Eye 101). The show focuses on the design of protest and opposition in contemporary culture, reflecting Aicher’s political beliefs and opposition to injustice.

The exhibition features works by international artists and graphic designers, including Noma Bar (see ‘Brief encounters and the pleasures of ambiguity’ on Eye blog); Oliviero Toscani (see ‘Dreaming in colours’ in Eye 91), Mitsuo Katsui (see ‘All we lack now are the clients’ in Eye 14), Barbara Kruger (see ‘Reputations’ in Eye 5), among others. The artwork are addressing themes surrounding environment, peace, democracy, consumption, health, human rights, equality, and diversity through paintings, drawings, photographs, posters, videos, animations, to name a few. The exhibition provides a comprehensive look at the powerful role that design can play in activism and social movements

Supporting the exhibition is a public programme of lectures, symposia and guided tours, including a talk on 2 March about Otl Aicher’s aesthetics of resistance, titled ‘Designed rebellion’.

Protest posters exhibited at ‘Protest! gestalten’, including Otl Aicher’s, Nein poster from 1983.

Display featuring portraits by Tina Hage from Gestalt (guise) series.

Currently on
Polski Projekt: Polish posters and typefaces
to 10 March 2023
Location: HMCT Gallery, 950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, California US

The Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography in Los Angeles is currently hosting the ‘Polski Projekt: Polish Posters and Typefaces’ exhibition, showcasing the rich history of Polish graphic design. The exhibition features over 200 posters from artists associated with the Polish Poster School, including works by Henryk Tomaszewski (see ‘The painted word’ in Eye 4), Roman Cieślewicz (see ‘Reputations’ in Eye 9), Franciszek Starowieyski, Jan Lenica, and Waldemar Świerzy (see ‘Sticks in the mind’ in Eye 69), among others. The posters on display are a testament to the innovative techniques and bold graphics that made Polish posters some of the most recognisable in the world.

‘Polski Projekt’ also displays examples of contemporary and historical type specimens on loan from Typoteka, with some dating back to 15th century. Reproduced using metal foundry type, matrices, transfer media, and more recently, digital font technology, the type design examples provide a glimpse into the versatility and diversity of Polish type design.

This exhibition is a visual feast for anyone interested in graphic design, typography and art history, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of Polish graphic design.

‘Polski Projekt’ features many examples of Polish Poster School. Exhibition design and curation Lavinia Lascaris.

Polski Projekt

Type specimens came from – an index of typefaces created by authors associated with Poland.

Polski Projekt

Can design make the world a better place?
22 February 2023
Location: Online / St Bride, 14 Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London EC4Y 8EQ, UK

Design has the potential to make a difference in a world facing numerous crises, but it requires a different approach than what is often seen in the design industry. Clive Russell, a graphic designer and co-founder of This Ain’t Rock’n’roll, will be discussing this topic in a talk titled ‘Can design make the world a better place?’ at St Brides in London. In his talk, he will highlight the importance of reconnecting design with its social purpose and how it can be used as a tool for change.

Using examples from the past, as well as his own work with Extinction Rebellion’s Art Group (see ‘Extinction Rebellion: Truth works’ in Eye 100), Russell will present his ideas on how design can help create a more sustainable and equitable world. He will also delve into the influence of late anthropologist David Graeber and how his work can help us imagine new pathways for design to make a difference.

The event will take place in person and online for those who want to join from afar.

Designer Clive Russell runs This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll – a graphic design studio with focus on cultural work and activism.

Extinction Rebellion

Bright flag featuring Extinction Rebellion’s ‘hourglass’ symbol made by street artist ESP in 2011.

Extinction Rebellion Flag

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