Autumn 1999

A quiet little blockbuster

Structural Package Designs

Haresh Pathak; The Pepin Press, £9.95

Amid the heavyweight competition, this 150mm square block charms through a directness of purpose and unassuming form. Other than a few supplementary sections, each page describes a unique packaging form by single flat template diagram, three-dimensional line drawing, and title. More Zen in its simplicity than the “minimalism” affected by current arts publishing, this book demonstrates the way a good idea designs itself. It would be nice to imagine this kind of publication replacing the ubiquitous hardback annuals, awards and other catalogues of “inspiration” in classrooms and studios as a true reference work, demonstrating how to articulate an idea without the usual obscuring veneer of style.
The lessons are many: the clarity of the illustrations; the no-nonsense three-paragraph introduction repeated in seven languages; the genuinely useful appendices (details such as “typical limit for printing”); the thriftiness of format and colour that ensure its bargain price. The book’s general portrayal of the potential in design recalls the more specifically typographic tour-de-force handbooks of Bosshard (Technische Grundlagen zur Satzherstellung) and Gerstner (Kompendium fur Alphabeten). These books also share symbiosis of form and content, providing a sense that the ideas arrived as fully formed objects: it is difficult to imagine them existing in any other way.
As a current surprise arts bookshop bestseller, this antidote to coffee-table fatigue is well positioned to promote intelligent design quietly.

Stuart Bailey, designer, Arnhem

Read the full version in Eye no. 33 vol. 9, 1999

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